You Can Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence Skills

Who Is Emotionally Intelligent?

Think for a moment about someone you admire. It could be anyone—a family member, a boss, a teacher, a politician, a community leader, a colleague, or a friend. What are the traits that define that person and cause your admiration? Chances are that the person you admire is emotionally intelligent.

For example, I am thinking of a high school teacher from my long ago past. In Robert Ruffing’s classroom, we sophomores caught his enthusiasm for literature and for Shakespeare in particular. Certainly we admired his knowledge and intelligence. But we learned a great deal more from his example as a teacher and as a person. He listened, he was sensitive to our feelings, he noticed our interests and problems, he was kind, and he did not judge us. We felt accepted in that classroom. Although I wouldn’t have known how to express it back then, Mr. Ruffing was emotionally intelligent.

Can Emotional Intelligence be Taught and Learned?


Success Model of Emotional Intelligence

The skills that contribute to the various components of Emotional Intelligence—self-awareness, self-management, awareness of others’ emotions, satisfying interactions with others, and resilience—can provide an excellent foundation for all those who are seeking greater peace and harmony for their families, their workplaces, their communities, and indeed, for the world.

Emotional Intelligence is related to your success and well-being—as an individual, a family member, a team member, a member of an organization, and as a member of your community.  The really positive news about Emotional Intelligence is that the skills that make a person emotionally intelligent can be taught and learned.

What Are Emotional Intelligence Skills?

The skills of Emotional Intelligence fall into five categories:

  • Identifying how you are feeling and recognizing how you are perceived by others
  • Managing your own emotions
  • Recognizing and empathizing with emotions of others
  • Interacting successfully and building healthy relationships and networks
  • Building resilience to help you cope with any obstacle

All of these skills are crucial to the success of leaders. They are also necessary for the success and well-being of any person working in any field or industry—education, sales, government, customer service, health care, law, law enforcement and emergency response, hospitality, construction, real estate, software development, and just about any workplace you can think of.

How Can You Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence Skills?

Enhancing Emotional Skills is a process that cannot be accomplished overnight. But like any set of skills, learning EI skills is entirely possible given time and practice.  Here are two opportunities for enhancing your skills:

Online Course

Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World – 2020

an online, anytime, course

Starting Date:  February 3, 2020

Duration: 6 weeks of course content

Registration Open: January 13 through February 9

Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World 2020, an engaging, interactive course, is the beginning of your personal journey to a more compassionate world—an opportunity to understand and nurture your own emotions, and to develop your ability to empathize and act with compassion.  Together, we can be the change we are looking for.

The course includes text, photos, videos, and written exercises and reflections.  You can learn at your own place and pace and within a comfortable time frame, typically 60 to 90 minutes a week for six weeks.  It also includes a self-scored assessment of Emotional Intelligence so you can get a confidential assessment of your own EI skills.

Self-Study Workbook

A great option for enhancing your Emotional Intelligence skills is a workbook that includes all the information, exercises, and worksheets from the course (with links to videos, which are part of the course.) The workbook, Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World: Workbook for Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Skills is available as a paperback or e-book. Click on the link below to learn more, read reviews, and buy the book if you so choose.

Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World:  Workbook for Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Skills

Price:  $11.99

Emotional Intelligence skills and competencies are the fertile ground for creating a more compassionate world. Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World is an engaging, self-paced workbook for individuals and teams who want to increase their Emotional Intelligence. By enhancing these skills, individuals will enhance their ability to empathize with others and to act with compassion—and to be the change they wish to see in the world.

The workbook includes:

  • An overview of Emotional Intelligence
  • A 30-item assessment of Emotional Intelligence skills
  • Scenarios to illustrate each of five dimensions of Emotional Intelligence
  • Exercises and activities for experiential learning
  • More than 50 practical, easy-to-implement techniques to enhance Emotional Intelligence skills
  • Action Plan guide to chart a path toward greater well-being and connection with others
  • Plan for Compassionate Action guide to help individuals apply Emotional Intelligence skills and bring more compassion to their lives and to the world

Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World is a step-by-step guide for enhancing and applying Emotional Intelligence skills—in individuals, in families, in the workplace, in communities, and in the interconnected societies of people throughout the world.

Click here to purchase Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World: Workbook to Enhance Emotional Intelligence Skills










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