Build Your Emotional Intelligence Muscle!

Build Your Emotional Intelligence Muscles! Emotional Intelligence skills–understanding and managing your own emotions, recognizing others’ emotions, interacting successfully with other people, and building resilience–can all be improved. Like any skill–developing a great golf swing, sketching a decent portrait, adding a killer serve to your tennis game, or learning to read Mandarin Chinese–learning Emotional Intelligence skills …

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What Can I Do About Low Emotional Intelligence?

          After a recent presentation to introduce the crucial importance of Emotional Intelligence skills in the workplace, Leslie, an audience member, came up to thank me and to express her excitement about the concepts of Emotional Intelligence.  “This all helps explain what is going on in our department!  As a manager, …

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Eight Ways to Improve Your Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the foundational building block of Emotional Intelligence.  The first step in enhancing or building your overall Emotional Intelligence is achieving a healthy level of self-awareness—which is the ability to identify emotions in the self and to perceive the impact you have on others at home, in the workplace, within the local community, and …

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Six Ways You Can Build Resilience

 Six Ways You Can Build Resilience Are you resilient? How can we increase Emotional Intelligence skills?This brief presentation suggests several ways to build your resilience–and thus to increase Emotional Intelligence and emotional well-being.  Just click on the link below to learn more.