Build Your Emotional Intelligence Muscle!

Build Your Emotional Intelligence Muscles! Emotional Intelligence skills–understanding and managing your own emotions, recognizing others’ emotions, interacting successfully with other people, and building resilience–can all be improved. Like any skill–developing a great golf swing, sketching a decent portrait, adding a killer serve to your tennis game, or learning to read Mandarin Chinese–learning Emotional Intelligence skills …

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What’s Funny About That?

On a recent lazy Sunday morning as my sweetie and I were sipping coffee in bed, I glanced through the email on my iPad with the vague intention of clearing out my overflowing email inbox.  As I ruthlessly pressed delete for any number of ads and notifications, I noticed that a friend with a quirky …

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Creativity and Resilience

Today I have been reading about resilience—a significant dimension of Emotional Intelligence.  I believe that resilience may even prove to be the most significant component as we continue to study genetics and biology, psychology, social and spiritual factors, and neurobiology.  Resilience is complex and wonderful and worth paying attention to in our daily lives. Resilience …

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Six Ways You Can Build Resilience

 Six Ways You Can Build Resilience Are you resilient? How can we increase Emotional Intelligence skills?This brief presentation suggests several ways to build your resilience–and thus to increase Emotional Intelligence and emotional well-being.  Just click on the link below to learn more.

10 Ways That Emotional Intelligence Can Help You Cope with Cancer

The skills of Emotional Intelligence can help you cope with the slings and arrows of fortune—what I call Unexpected Life Events (ULEs), which eventually come to all of us without regard for intellect, wealth, beauty, or social status. A diagnosis of cancer is certainly one of those ULEs, but Emotional Intelligence skills can prove invaluable …

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