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Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World

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(NOTE:  This is a non-facilitated edition of the course, Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World.  Although you will have email access to the author, there is no facilitation or discussion among students.  Instead, the course is completely self-study, and self-paced.)


Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World, an engaging, informative, and inspirational course, is the beginning of your personal journey to a more compassionate world–an opportunity to understand and nurture your own emotions, and to develop your ability to empathize and act with compassion.  Together, we can be the change we are looking for.

The course includes text, photos, videos, and written exercises and reflections.  You can learn at your own place and pace and within a comfortable time frame.  It also includes a self-scored assessment of Emotional Intelligence so you can get a confidential assessment of your own EI skills.

Does this describe you?

  • You are aware of so many people in need of compassion—in the community where you live, and far beyond to communities everywhere in the world of more than 7 billion.
  • You believe that humankind has the potential to behave better, to treat each other with kindness, respect, and compassion—with the goal of creating a more peaceful world.
  • You would like to act with greater compassion and make a difference, but your feel alone, overwhelmed, or even despairing in your determination to “be the change” that Gandhi talked about.

What can one person do when the suffering is so vast? Does what you choose to do really matter?

You Are Invited

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I’d like to invite you to the Compassion Education Institute’s online course Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World.  I am pleased to offer this course in partnership with the Charter for Compassion International. 

This engaging, informative, online course is the beginning of your personal journey to a more compassionate world—an opportunity to understand and nurture your own emotions and develop your ability to empathize and act with compassion.

You are invited to explore opportunities to use that compassion for creating a better world—for making a difference where you live. Whether you’re a child of the sixties or a forward thinking member of the X, Y, or Z generations, if you have dreamed of making a difference in the world, I invite you to join us.

Together, we can be the change we are looking for.

Why Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence skills and competencies can become the fertile ground for a more compassionate world.

The skills that contribute to the various components of Emotional Intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, awareness of and interaction with others, and resilience) may be viewed as essential skills for the development of compassion–in individuals, in families, in the workplace, in communities, and in the interconnected societies of people throughout the world.

Topics of this Course

The course structure follows the five major aspects of Emotional Intelligence as defined by the Success Model of Emotional Intelligence. It includes a self-assessment of Emotional Intelligence skills and a final Action Plan for using those skills for a more compassionate world.

       Lesson One: Introduction

  • Overview of Emotional Intelligence in current models
  • Contagion of emotions
  • Self-assessment in Emotional Intelligence skills
  • Success Model of Emotional Intelligence

      Lesson Two: Awareness of the Self

This is where it all begins:

  • Being able to identify your own emotions
  • Being conscious about your intentions as you act and speak
  • Observing your typical reactions to others and your environment
  • Recognizing how you are perceived by others

      Lesson Three: Actions of the Self

Building self-awareness allows you to:

  • Develop self-compassion
  • Manage your emotions in a way that allow you to maintain equilibrium
  • Express your emotions appropriately
  • Plan and anticipate how to cope with difficult situations

     Lesson Four: Awareness of Others

By being more aware of your own emotions and being able to manage them, you become more aware of the needs and emotions of others, by observing and understanding their:

  • Words
  • Actions
  • Facial expressions
  • Body language

    Lesson Five: Interaction with Others

The ability to successfully interact with other people builds on your awareness of others’ emotions. If you have well-developed skills in this dimension, you are able to:

  • Utilize that awareness to build strong relationships, teams, and support networks
  • Empathize in interactions with other people
  • Act with compassion when you become aware of another’s pain

    Lesson Six: Resilience

It is resilience as much as any other aspect of EI that is the basis for your ability to maintain equilibrium and balance amidst inevitable changes and even crises that you encounter over a lifetime. Resilience can be enhanced and cultivated to create a rich, full life—and to extend your hand to others in need. Resilience includes:

  • Optimism
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Self-motivation
  • Ability to earn from mistakes and to recover from setbacks

     Lesson Seven: Create Your Action Plan for a Compassionate World

  • Can Emotional Intelligence make a difference?
  • Why compassion?
  • What can one person accomplish?
  • Join us at the Charter for Compassion International
  • Action Plan for Using EI Skills for a Compassionate World
  • Plan for Compassionate Action guide

Enrollment and Cost

       Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World 



  • Access to content, activities, and downloadable exercises in 7 online lessons
  • 30-item self-assessment in Emotional Intelligence
  • More than 50 practical, easy-to-implement techniques you can begin using today
  • Action Plan guide and Plan for Compassionate Action guide
  • Certificate of Completion from the Charter for Compassion International

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How Does This Course Work?

  • The 7 lessons of Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World are completely online—with easily downloadable exercises and reflections
  • You can access lessons from anywhere and at any time as long as you have an internet connection. Simple!
  • You work through each lesson at you own pace during the week, adding comments and questions
  • This is a self-paced course, so if you get behind, you can catch up at any time and review past lessons at your convenience.

What Others Have Said About “Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World”

“This course came into my life at the perfect time and was for me the next level of involvement with the Charter for Compassion, which I love or its ongoing inspirational messages in my Facebook newsfeed. Dr. Kerr has put together an amazing course that is a thoughtful, resourceful, and kind model of compassion and emotional intelligence.”

—Debra Burrington

“This course provides a deep understanding of the true basis of communication. It is essential to enhance the quality of your life in the family, work, and community.”

—Dr. Ann Coxon

“The course has been extremely helpful to me in my work with others. The course would provide very good in-service training, especially for those in any kind of leadership role—in fact it would be an essential pre-requisite for those about to take up such.”

–Catriona Devlin

“I found the course simple to follow, unthreatening, but leading to quite a lot of personal growth. I have never really questioned the way I think and the course helped open my mind. I even realized that past failures in which I had blamed myself had more to do with the reactions and thinking patterns of other people and I experienced a degree of personal healing. This is a really good course.”


“This is a really useful course, whether or not you’re new to the study of emotional intelligence. I highly recommend it—it’s a good opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to identify and deal with your emotions and those of others, and how to better relate to and interact with others.”


“I found that taking part in the course “Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World” was a very informative and rewarding experience The content provided all that it promised in valuable information that made me more aware of the role that emotions play in every aspect of our lives and very practical strategies for dealing effectively with them.”

—Margaret Leaker

“I believe that to become a compassionate human being takes both an understanding of myself and others. This course was a good step towards helping me understand what makes me tick emotionally and subsequently what makes others tick emotionally. Thanks to the course, I feel like I have some good tools and understanding for continuing my own journey. I would highly recommend it.”

—Debbie Hubbard

“I very much appreciate the information and the way it was presented. The heightened awareness that even small steps can make a difference is particularly important at this time in our global reality.”


“Thank you for putting this course together, and your insightful, kind, and relevant comments, which I enjoyed very much—it felt like being with a friend. It was also interesting to read the comments and stories of the rest of the group—thank you all for sharing this time together. In gratitude.”

–Claudia H.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course and I appreciate all of your thoughtful comments, Barbara. I will complete an action plan for enhancing my Emotional Intelligence. Thanks!”

–Kathy Stillerman

I can’t recall a training where I was so involved and learned so much.

–David Earle

“I appreciated how Barbara Kerr presented a wealth of resources and information on emotional intelligence and compassion in such a well organized manner, encouraged perspective taking and self-examination, facilitated discussion among participants, and offered thoughtful and insightful feedback, comments and suggestions. I highly recommend this course and am grateful to Barbara for clearly leading the way to a more connected and compassionate world!”

–Loretta G. Rowe, Licensed Professional Counselor,

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I feel very grateful for Karen Armstrong’s clear vision and bold call to arms . . . “that we should build a Global Community based on the Golden Rule” . . . and with enormous relief I feel that I have found a way forward which starts with setting myself right and becoming more emotionally intelligent.”

–Magdalene Sacranie

“Thank you Barbara, what a meaningful course. Thank you for all the time and focus to put this all together and share.”

                                                  –Lucinda Harman

Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World is a well thought out, well-researched, and effectively paced and presented online course.  the author, Barbara Kerr, Ph.D., offers the course participant an enjoyable, fun, and information packed journey of inner discovery:  a truly useful and valuable learning experience to the heart of one of the most important topics of our day–Emotional Intelligence.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who is truly interested in developing this crucial aspect of human character;  wherever they happen to be on the EQ-i scale.”

–Brian Haley, MA Registered Clinical Counsellor

“I have always heard people can increase their EQ through targeted, deliberate practice, similar to working a muscle. I was dubious before experiencing this dynamic tool. In a very short amount of time, I walked away with a variety of tools I can implement immediately to improve my leadership skills.”

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Course Author

          Barbara A. Kerr, Ph.D.


Barbara A. Kerr, Ph.D., is the owner of Emotional Intelligence Insights, which offers online courses in emotional intelligence for leaders and teams. Barbara has completed a post-graduate training course as a Master Certified Executive Coach and is a certified administrator of the EQ-i, an emotional intelligence inventory, as well as a number of other assessments to assist individuals, teams, and organizations in moving forward to fulfill their vision.

With more than fifteen years experience as a consultant, facilitator, and executive coach, Barbara Kerr has developed a finely tuned sense for discovering where an organization is on the spectrum from “dissonance” to “resonance” and for assisting teams and organizations in achieving their mission and goals. Her experience in working with boards and executive teams for strategic planning, executive hiring, and organizational assessments has provided her with an understanding of why some organizations and their employees seem to be under a constant cloud of doom, gloom, and low morale, while others see problems as interesting challenges, feel empowered to be creative in envisioning and implementing a successful organization, and enjoy their work together.

Having identified the skills of emotional intelligence as highly significant to the success of individuals, teams, and organizations, Barbara has provided workshops, online courses, and presentations in emotional intelligence for people in business, education, healthcare, and non-profits. Her work with leadership teams led her to develop an experiential computer-based game, Creating an Emotionally Intelligent World, published and distributed by HRDQ. She is also the author of Read All Your Life: A Subject Guide to Fiction and co-author of You Can Choose Your Own Life with psychologist Barry Sommer.























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