“Thank you for putting this course together, and your insightful, kind, and relevant comments, which I enjoyed very much—it felt like being with a friend. It was also interesting to read the comments and stories of the rest of the group—thank you all for sharing this time together. In gratitude.”

  –Claudia H.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course and I appreciate all of your thoughtful comments, Barbara. I will complete an action plan for enhancing my Emotional Intelligence. Thanks!”

      –Kathy Stillerman

I can’t recall a training where I was so involved and learned so much.

     –David Earle

“I appreciated how Barbara Kerr presented a wealth of resources and information on emotional intelligence and compassion in such a well organized manner, encouraged perspective taking and self-examination, facilitated discussion among participants, and offered thoughtful and insightful feedback, comments and suggestions. I highly recommend this course and am grateful to Barbara for clearly leading the way to a more connected and compassionate world!”

  –Loretta G. Rowe, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I feel very grateful for Karen Armstrong’s clear vision and bold call to arms . . . “that we should build a Global Community based on the Golden Rule” . . . and with enormous relief I feel that I have found a way forward which starts with setting myself right and becoming more emotionally intelligent.”

       –Magdalene Sacranie

“Thank you Barbara, what a meaningful course. Thank you for all the time and focus to put this all together and share.”

       –Lucinda Harman

Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World is a well thought out, well-researched, and effectively paced and presented online course.  the author, Barbara Kerr, Ph.D., offers the course participant an enjoyable, fun, and information packed journey of inner discovery:  a truly useful and valuable learning experience to the heart of one of the most important topics of our day–Emotional Intelligence.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who is truly interested in developing this crucial aspect of human character;  wherever they happen to be on the EQ-i scale.”

  –Brian Haley, MA Registered Clinical Counsellor              

“I have always heard people can increase their EQ through targeted, deliberate practice, similar to working a muscle. I was dubious before experiencing this dynamic tool. In a very short amount of time, I walked away with a variety of tools I can implement immediately to improve my leadership skills.”                                                          

                     –S. Ames, VP of Advancement

“I really like this class. I like being able to do it late at night, here and there, because that is the life of a full time parent, writer, and student I love how you respond to each one of us. I always have a million questions going through my head and love to get feedback so that is nice to have it instantly without having to schedule an office hour visit I just really appreciate your knowledge on the topic and the pace it is laid out. You have done a great job communicating on here your genuine interest in helping us know more too by challenging us with questions or comments and giving us time to reflect.”

                      –Joy Brooke, Seattle University doctoral student in Educational Leadership

“While having previously read several texts on the subject of Emotional Intelligence, in working through this course, created by Dr. Barbara Kerr Ph.D., I discovered new dimensions of the subject in general but particularly of its application to the workplace.

By virtue of the stimulating questions, valuable information and proposed active exercises, the course offers a stimulating journey of self-discovery.

Without hesitation, I would recommend that leaders give serious consideration to the introduction of Emotional Intelligence 101 throughout the workplace.”

                        –Patrick B. McLaughlin, M.A., M.Ed.

“I really enjoyed the learning experience. The writing makes what could be an esoteric topic very grounded, clear and applicable to both my work and personal life. The use of videos made the concepts come alive. And I appreciated that I could make progress at my own pace and had the opportunity to see other student comments and get feedback from Barbara as I made my way through the course.”

                       –Doug Nathan, Doug Nathan Consulting:  Leading Through Change

“This has been lovely to take this course. I have some more tools in my toolbox to be a better woman, mother, spouse, teacher, and friend. May your days be filled with knowing how your course affected me.”

                       –Nursing Instructor

“I have enjoyed this class so far! I appreciate the thorough feedback, and since many of the activities involve some personal reflection, I find it helpful to go at my own pace and on my own time. I think this has allowed me to become more reflective than in my traditional courses, which has really helped with my personal growth. This is the first on-line class I have taken and would certainly do so again and recommend this course to others”.

                      –Elizabeth Pluhta, graduate student in Educational Leadership

“I’ve been really present about how I engage with others and since taking this course I am PRESENT to holding my own emotional space inside of interactions. I believe I’ve gotten so great tools to help me develop my EQ.”

                        –Michelle Majors, graduate student in Educational Leadership

“Thank you for such an enriching course.  It was very insightful and helpful in increasing my understanding about Emotional Intelligence.”

                         –William Keating, Special Education Consultant, Seattle Public Schools

“I really enjoyed taking this course and found it inspiring both personally and professionally.  Some of the suggested techniques to improve my emotional intelligence and the way that I interact with other people and am perceived by other people really resonated with me.  One of the things I liked best about the course is that I got concrete suggestions of how to improve my interactions with colleagues and clients that I will actually use.  I found the course very engaging and fun and highly recommend it.”

                           –Lisa Davis, VP, Associate General Counsel, SCAN Health Plan

Since our coaching session, I’ve been following your advice and looking for people who seem emotionally intelligent. I was in a lively conversation with our International Programs director, and observed how he made excellent use of stories as a way to connect. I am reading a book that you recommended about using stories to help people to approach change. It is so interesting seeing good storytelling at work and stepping back to see how the stories drew me in and quickly established a sense of rapport and desire to collaborate.

                         –Coaching client

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